Gift Card not redeeming

Gift Card not redeeming

I bought a $30 card THIRTY and it won't redeem. I tried so many different ways two days ago my account get locked I talked to costumer service, and the person I was talking to gave me a code to try after 24 hours and that code also didnt work. I know my card is activated and I bought it here at Walmart so I know location isn't a problem. I have tried to redeem on both my tablet and laptop. And I've tried incognito on both. I have never run into this problem with a $20 card so are $30 cards broken?

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Hey there @QuinnBean,


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Check the code’s characters. Sometimes a zero looks like an O, or a capital ‘i’ looks like lower case L. Try different combinations.


Another useful step to do is to try from another device.


If that doesn't do the trick we suggest that you contact our customer support again.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Take care!

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