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Headspace for existing premium users.

Headspace for existing premium users.

Hi all, and soz if this been asked earlier. I want to try the 3 months 'free' headspace promotion, but i get sent to a link where i need to fill my CC details. I'm an existing Premium user. Does this mean I'll get charged immediately or?


Kind regards, Stefan

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Hi Stefan,

I believe to be eligible for the promotion your account must not have had premium previously. Filling in your credit card information is just for verification purposes and you will not be charged until the promotion ends and you must start paying for the subscription yourself.

Hope this helped!


I'm having the same trouble.

the only infor I have found on it from spotify is:


"When you upgrade to this deal from regular Premium, any remaining time you've already paid for is converted to the bundle pricing. This may bring your next payment date forward. You can check your billing on your subscription page."


but they dont have an 'upgrade' button and still ask you for your ccard details, to set up both subscriptions new!?


So If input my details am I going to be charged an extra £9.99 a month?

Ok, so I am interpreting that as, you can upgrade from regular premium, when you do so any time left on your subscription will give you a little discount. I don't believe it will make you pay double. If you really want to be 100% you can DM @SpotifyCares on twitter and they should be able to clarify with certainty.


Thank you 🙂

Anytime! Have a good day/night!

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