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How do i pay using a bank card, and not a credit card?

How do i pay using a bank card, and not a credit card?

How do I pay using a bank card, and not a credit card?

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I assume you are referring to a Debit Card, likely part of Visa or MasterCard network. You can use that card the same way as you would use a credit card on payments page.


Also, you may use your debit card anywhere that your credit card is accepted. 

I will give it a try, thank you.

No options for Debit Card

No need to change any options. Just enter your debit card number in credit
card box. Spotify sees debit and credit cards the same way.

I tried and it told me I have to use a 3 digit passcode that's on the back of the card, there is no code on the back. There is also no expiry date on the card. So it tells me I'm doing it wrong and to start over

OK, let's get some more info.


1- Do you see a Visa or MasterCard logo on front or back of the card?

2- Is this a temporary card?

3- How many digits long is your card number?

There is no Visa or Master Card logo.


Permanent card.


12 digits on the front.

It all makes sense now. The card you have is not a payment card (Debit or Credit). It probably gives you the 12-digit bank account number instead of  15 or 16-digit card number.


You won't be able to use it for direct payments to Spotify, but you can set it up as a funding source for your PayPal account, and then use your PayPal account as Spotify payment method. This way, you can either pre-load your PayPal and use the funds for monthly payments, or set it to withdraw from bank for each payment (through PayPal).


Good luck, and please let us know if you have any questions that arise later.

aw man that really sucks, I guess I'm going to lose all of my music

I encourage you to check if you're located in the US. It's
specifically useful in your case. Just create a card with enough monthly
limit to cover subscription fee PLUS TAXES, and fund Spotify with it.

I'm trying really hard so you can keep your music! Haha

Thank you for trying! I live in Canada, though.

Hey man, would you know how to get to the page where I can chat with Spotify employees?

Sure, here's the link:


Choose the appripriate category and send them your inquiry. Make sure you reply to the auto-response email you receive. 


You can also include a link to this thread to speed things up. They usually respond within 24-48 hours.

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