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I Owe Spotify Some Money, How to Pay It?

I Owe Spotify Some Money, How to Pay It?




Because I really appreciate the positive impact Spotify has on my life and because I strive to be an honest person, I feel a need to write this post.

I lived in a country where the subscription fee was cheaper than my home country, but I suddenly moved back to my home country due to a flurry of health problems. In the chaos, it took me about a year to realize that I wasn't paying the rate I should be paying.

I did not intend any sort of abuse and I want to set things right with the company, even though they might never find out otherwise. Please let me know how to proceed.


Thanks in advance,


1 Reply

Hi @chatoyance77,

thanks for reaching out to the community about this !


You can always reach out to Spotify through this "About Us" page.

In this case, i'd right an e-mail explaining your situation and i'm sure you'll get the answer you're looking for.


Have a wonderful day 🙂 

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