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Spurious Billing - no account information available

Spurious Billing - no account information available




Country Singapore 




Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)






My Question or Issue

I am getting double billed from Spotify and i cannot figure out why !

Everymonth i see on my credit card bills, TWO charges from Spotify. One is a legitimate billing for my Premium Family Account ($14.99).

The second charge looks like an individual account fee ($9.99) that I unfamiliar with. 

I HAVE logged into my Spotify accounts and there is ONLY ONE  subscription ( the Premium Family) . I am baffled and there is NO way to contact Spotify over this. I called the bank to refute the charges that have been going on for a few months now, but they say i have to raise it with Spotify. 

How do i stop or cancel this erroneous billing ? 

The reference number on my credit card bill for wrong $9.99 charge is P58JITD48132RX5OKV. 


Can someone at Spotify please assist. 

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Getting double charge with one subscription? It will be best to contact support to check for the source of the one that looks like an individual account fee ($9.99) that you are unfamiliar with. 


You can reach them by going to this link


Just prepare something like the Invoice for the second and first charge.

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