Subscription cancelled, but not by me?

Subscription cancelled, but not by me?







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Not really a problem, just a weird thing that bugs me: 

Got a mail from Spotify this morning (around midnight), telling me that I cancelled my family subscription. First I thought it was phishing, but it was legit, so I went back to my account and manually extended the subscription, everything works fine again, I just needed to send out an invite to family members again.


Any idea what might have happened, as I was asleep at that time and could not have cancelled my subscription?



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Hey @11122779632.


Thanks for letting us know. There are several reasons why a subscription might get canceled.


Before your subscription got canceled, did you by chance receive any payment notifications telling that a payment didn't go through? If so, your account might've been reverted back to Free. In this case, if you upgrade to Premium for Family again, you need to re-invite family members.


We suggest that you make sure that the payment information you've provided is up to date, and that you're able to make a payment with it. 


Hope that helps 🙂






I have a premium family abo and it cancelled itself without any warning. But nobody did anything out of the ordinary. I want to restart the subscription without having to do the whole signing up again.. 

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