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Suspicious Mail received

Suspicious Mail received



Yesterday my daughter received a suspicious mail from Paypal informing about payment concerning the service of Spotify, which she doesn`t have.

Tha mail is  a bit concerning for two reasons:


1. She doesn`t have this service and 

2. when opening the invoice attached, it states that this is a virus (malware) 


Since we cannot respond to the mail, we don`t know who to reply to so that this situation be taken care of.

I am attaching mail showing these two items <removed sensitive information>
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Hey @zorayafalah1820,

Thanks for reaching out via the Community about this.


We'd recommend getting in contact with us directly, or by tweeting our support handle. We'll be able to help you and your daughter out with this further.


Be sure to send the right team any screenshots of this email privately, and we'll be able to investigate 🔍




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