bad customer services


bad customer services

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I have been trying to upgrade to premium for around a month now, and for some reason this is not possible for me,
I have limited free time and feel that waiting around for replies on message boards is not a way I want to be wasting it!
A simple telephone call could have easily solved this problem, but now a month later I am still here with no premium subscription. and due to this I am seriously concidering signing up with Apple Music but not keen on the idea of rebuilding my library, so would appreciate this getting sorted fast
What kind of company doesn't have a representative for customers to talk to?
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Hey @Jungl1st!

I completely understand how you feel! I've escalated this post to Spotify Staff who should respond shortly.

I'd recommend reaching out to Support via their Social Media Channels and will get to work to help you right away!


Let connect you to support, please fill out the online contact form. A great way to reach Spotify via Twitter and Spotify offer support here via Direct Message! @SpotifyCares, Don't worry Spotify also offer support via Facebook! - Shoot them a message Spotify Cares Facebook page.

These are the best ways to contact Spotify but be aware there maybe a slight delay to responses depending on the number of incoming support requests usually no longer than 72 hours (3 Days) You may also get an automated reply saying to check the community - we suggest you reply to this to ensure your ticket has been queued. 

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