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Backstage Intro: Meet Emma







Today we're introducing somebody who has joined forces with us to pull off something amazing. Wondering what this thing is?


First, Community, meet Emma 🙂







Glad to have you here. How would you introduce yourself to the Spotify Community?


Hi all, I'm Emma and I'm a huge fan of music (no surprise), sports.. oh and FOOD. I am a full fledged foodie and have a weakness for sweet treats - it's dangerous.

I love meeting new people and learning new things from each and every person I come across.

Alongside Spotify I work as a practitioner for a Psychological model - where I get to run workshops with teams about individual differences and focus on communication.


Sounds wholesome! And when did you start working for Spotify? How have things evolved since then?


I started working for Spotify in December 2018 (time has FLOWN) - I started on the Social team, and 6 months later moved over to SSC where my current role sits.


Quite a journey already! And now, our paths crossed.

Speaking of which, what can you tell us about the Community Star Jam as the Jam's event manager? 


We have some seriously exciting things in store for you all, for our very first Virtual Jam! Where else could you find a meditation session, a live music artist session (+QnA) and an Escape Room from Alcatraz all in one week?!

Don't worry, that's only a sneak peek of what we have in store for you. Safe to say we have some very special guests joining us throughout the week ❤️


And now, to conclude, my favorite Backstage Intro question: If you ended up on a desert island with only one item, what would that be?


I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet... but I'll be boring and say something like Water Purifier 😅 So I could survive long enough for my loved ones to (hopefully) find me!




Emma, I speak for the whole team when I say we have genuinely appreciated your presence and contribution


Folks, go show some love to Emma in the comments and keep up the good vibe!


Thank you for reading 🙂