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Fact or Myth: Guilty pleasure songs





Hey friends, I am writing this blog more as a start of discussion around the topic as it is indeed a big one.


As you’ve already seen from the title we’ll be talking about ‘’guilty pleasure songs’’ and if you believe that such a thing actually exists or if it’s just a social restriction that prevents us from enjoying whatever tracks we want.


I was inspired to write about this by a type of party we have (or used to have) here called a ‘’Shame party’’. A quick recap of it would be that they play 2000s pop songs that are considered ‘’uncool’’ by the young and hip crowd. Well, that same crowd is most often present at the given club singing their hearts out to some really cringy songs without a care in the world. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s one of the most attended regularly events organized in the city. 


And then there is also the ‘’Private session’’ function in Spotify and yeah - you can tell me that you use it for parties where everyone is queuing songs and you don’t want to affect your Made for you section. But I am almost certain that there is also a rather sizeable number of times when you’re not too keen on showing all your friends that you’re you’re blasting that song you swore in front of them was "Oh so lame".


My personal opinion on the matter has changed quite drastically with time. Back in high school I was a proud believer that rock and heavy metal were the only genres that are worth listening to and everything else is just embarrassing and if consumed should be done is secrecy and shame... But then fast forward to me being front row on a Lizzo concert screaming how amazing she is. Oh, how things change 😄 


After some time and having met some new people, I came to the realization that every genre of music has something to offer and as long as it’s not defamatory for anyone, it should be given a chance. I am definitely not saying that you need to enjoy everything, but rather approach things with an open mind and open ears. You never know what gem you could stumble upon!


So what would you say on this topic? If someone states that they only listen to *insert genre here* does this change your opinion about them? Have you ever considered this as a question worth discussing?


Any and all thoughts on the matter are welcome!