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In Our Headphones: February 2021


Hi Everyone,


I hope you're all good 🙂


Here's comes another blog post about what's been inspiring music in our headphones this month.


First of we have @Ivan. This is what Ivan had to say about his song: This is a new wave track by the German band Hubert Kah which I accidentally found during a party at my place with closest friends. We kind of got hooked on this track and especially the video, which takes place in something like a bar where everyone looks quite inadequate and the atmosphere is absurd to say the least. I could only explain this with the 80s stylistics. 



He also wanted to share this song:



Next up we have @Mario - I chose this one since I've been listening to it pretty much on repeat through the end of this month. I find it extremely soothing and cathartic. It's been like good company 🙂



We also have @Elena that's been sharing some songs with us this month. This is what she had to say: This month I have been listening to mostly old favorite songs that have been in my playlists for a long time. They bring a sense of peace and calmness in an already hectic environment.





Next up we have @Katerina. This is what she wanted to share about her songs - All three are Discover Weekly suggestions. I'd grown bored of what I was listening to and thankfully DW scooped in and gave some great suggestions.


She recognize this song from TikTok:



This is her favorite so far. It's very unique and gives her dancing vibes:



Kate also wanted to share this song with us:



We also have @Xenia who's sharing what's been in her headphones. This is what she had to say: No idea why, but the song just got randomly stuck in my head. Remember seeing the video on MTV and instantly loved it.



Xenia also wanted to share these songs:




Lastly we have myself. 


The song I've chosen is Doja Cat -Streets. I've found out about this song due to some TikTok trends and It's been stuck with me for the whole month. I really love the vibe



You can check out the full playlist here:



Thank you everyone for sharing what's been in your headphones this month.


I hope that you all will enjoy the shared music. I definitely will!


Take care and we'll see each other next month 🙂