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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - October 2022


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check September's review for more music.


This month's music will take you to a journey to the dark side of matters. Regardless of genres, prepare yourself for a brilliantly apprehensive good time. Let's have a listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


Teen Angst – Kissless Virgin



There’s a lot I’ve done
I’ve lost, drawn and I’ve won
But only by myself
Never with anyone else

A dirty kind of pure
Just waiting at the door
I’ve been close for sure
But I’ve never been kissed before


Cause I want to feel right
For once in my damn life

Yes, Antisocial-pop is a real genre, and this band from Perth, Western Australia, shows us how does it feels like. Doesn’t it feel nice?:

"The phrase Kissless Virgin was used by a friend of mine to describe a Dungeons and Dragons character he was playing, and it immediately stuck in my brain as an interesting title for a song.


I already had the rough idea for the music of the song but the only lyric I had at that point was the refrain “What does it feel like?”. Once I had the new title of ‘Kissless Virgin’ I was inspired to finish the lyrics.


The lyrics explore the theme of feeling a yearning or regret about missing out on life experiences out of fear or anxiety."




Spirits of Leo – Asylum


Ash in hearth, I seek your shelter
Storming, rushing, bounding, assailing me
Entering my spine and crawling out my palms
The spirit is now ascending me

Commanding motion


From New York City, NY, get ready for a Shoegaze track as it should be: somber, yet energetic. Don’t fight, nothing ever comes if you won’t believe it:


"The song Asylum is about anxiety, obsessions/compulsions, and intrusive thoughts.


Essentially, the song is about finding safety and shelter from oneself, or specifically, one's inner demons.

It started out as a composite of meanings in relation to feelings of anxiety, but ultimately the song formed as a personification of inner demons."




Desert of Talking Shadows – Empty Hearts


You cannot hide
So darling don’t try
You wrap yourself around a heartbeat or a pulse, you call that love?
I wouldn’t know
I’ll love myself one day, but til then, I’ll just let you do it for me
Til you run out of it yourself


Switching gears, have a listen to a Rock track from Orange County, CA that takes elements from 70s bluesy attitude to ask the question broken hearts have:


"This song was inspired by a person and a specific experience I had in a past relationship, I don’t like to get into details as it’s best for the listener to interpret it how they like.


The track itself is inspired by Arctic Monkeys “R U Mine?” “Pretty Visitors”, and Royal Blood “How Did We Get So Dark?”"




Machine On A Break – Things That Go Bump


Be afraid,

even be angry,

but be careful not to hate,

because blame is such a dangerous game,

and there will never be a change if no one is listening.


From Sydney, Australia, this Alt Metal track combines the anger and frustration from the inequities that exist with the pain of possible inaction:


"I wrote it one night when I was angry after a conversation with someone. They'd been saying it's my responsibility to stay safe from the bad people in the world and I didn't think that was fair. We tell women to cover up and not go out at night by themselves but we should really be teaching people not to be creeps."




Bad Sidekick – Daily Lottery




I'm starting to feel like
my life's on a runway
and you're all invited


We finish off this month's ride in Bristol, UK for an impressive mix of gritty hooks, relentless beats, and uneasy vocals that will leave you breathless, but asking for more:


"I have an auto immune disorder and wrote the track about my experience with being in physical pain and what that meant for my future life and day to day living :)"




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!