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Virtual Star Jam 2022 is here!


Hey there 👋


Today is a special day, friends. Not only because of Winnie the Pooh’s wise words: “Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present”. On Monday the 22nd all the good spirits of all directions of the world come together – because it’s time for our annual Star Jam! 🍯


For those of you who hear about this for the first time – the Star Jam is a series of events where everyone from our Stars Program gathers to…well basically to do fun and awesome stuff together with the folks from Spotify. 


Our Stars are the lucky and idealistic people, who really go the extra mile and make the Spotify Community into the helpful, vibrant and joyful place that it is. It’s a real pleasure to celebrate them every year through the Jam. 🌠


VSJ '22 Microsite PIC.png


This year the conditions led to the Star Jam being virtual again. Fingers crossed that next year we will be able to once more meet in person 🤞 But don’t be fooled – virtual doesn’t mean that it’s going to be less exciting! On the contrary – we have prepared different presenters, games, activities, meet-ups and sharing of music that are going to help us get to know each other, enrich our knowledge and discover each other’s unique and colorful qualities. Fun, fun times! 🕺


HERE you can find out how you can join the Stars Program and also be a part of this awesome event next year.


So, it’s time to kick off the Jam! 🤘🎸