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Alexa " I cannot find any music in your library"

Alexa " I cannot find any music in your library"



I started a free trial of premium because I thought it would be great to voice control my Music while working out at home. I created a play list on my Phone Google Pixel XL  no worries  all good. starting playing it on my Phone sends it straight to Alexa from there I can voice control my Library . However as soon as I switched to something else then try to ask Alexa to play my Play List or my Library it keeps on saying " I cannot find any music in your Library " ? So I have to find my phone switch it on and start playing from my phone then alexa get's my Library again. ? Surely it's supposed to just switch on and when I say spotify it connects then when I request my Library it's supposed to ask me if I want to play my playlist and off we go why is it constantly repeating it cannot find any music in my library? I even went on my Pc and double checked yes there is is my playlist in my Library so whats up? Why can't Spotify just play my play list without me having to remind it I have one by constantly having to switch on my Phone? to bump start it? Because if it cannot do it by itself it's not going to be worth continuing .


Thanks for any replies

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have you tried restarting Alexa?



Yes I have thanks I have also re-set alexa and started again linked account with spotify etc and still the same . I even created a new  Playlist double checked it has changed on my Phone Spotify account and opened up Spotify on my PC  and yeah they both show the new playlist I went back to Alex  and yes again " I cannot find any music in your library" Not sure what to do really. Thanks for replying

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