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Can't see downloaded songs

Can't see downloaded songs







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Android 8.0


I noticed that you can see if you downloaded a specific song in a playlist. You can see a 'downloaded'-icon left to the song name. When I am opening the album, I can't see that icon. 


Please look at the replies for more informations

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You can not tell which songs you have already added to a playlist.

In addition, if you have a song (Single) and add the same song (from the actual Album, not the Single), no warning apprear.

i have the same problem its absolutely annoying. because i have such a large download and playlist so i cant tell which songs are new and whats not.

YES, that is exactly my problem. I don't think that's a feature to be honest...

Please tell me if it's a bug or something else... I really miss this feature

1. Deinstalled Spotify and installed Spotify v8.5.9.737: Everything is working like always.
2. Deinstalling Spotify and installing newest version: Feature not available.

I think it's obviously a bug. Please inform the developers and create a ticket...

i mean i guess its not a big deal i just have to go through every album carefully cause i dont wanan double add songs when artist make deluxe editions.. anyways are you saying that you were able to fix it? or have it the way it was supposed to be? because i didn't understand

I installed an older version of Spotify:
Spotify v8.5.9.737

After installing the older version you can see the sync-icon in albums again.

how did u get the old download

Just google something like 'Spotify apk'
Download apk and install

i tried but it said error cannot download

you could add the songs with a desktop device

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