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Cannot remove objectional song from Recently Played list

Cannot remove objectional song from Recently Played list

Android, Windows 10


I was listening to music a month or so ago when an advert played with some cool electronic beats, so I clicked to listen, "Minty" by Useless Man", or "Useless Man" by "Minty" - no idea which is the artist and which is the track. The Artist is definitely a Useless Man though.


It was the most atrocious, pretentious **bleep** I've ever heard in my life. Some art-house scraped-off-the-bottom-of-your-shoe-after-a-walk nonsense that was all swear words and no music. If you've ever seen the TV series 'Spaced' and the insane art-house play that starred David Walliams, this is the audio equivalent of that.


So I stop playing, but it features in my recently played list on the Home page.


I looked up how to remove it which requires using the Desktop. I followed instructions and it was gone, and I just had my real Recently Played songs.


Only now it's back! I haven't listened to it since that one time being misled by the Spotify advert; no amount of money of earth could get me to listen to that garbage again. If it's a choice between listening to that and being burned alive, bring the BBQ sauce and I'll munch my own right arm off!


I've gone onto Recently Played on the desktop and it only shows my real recently played songs. Minty isn't there so I can't remove it (again).


It also appears on my Android listing.


In fact, the Recently Played on the Desktop app is about a month outdated.


How can I get rid of this song from Spotify? As in, from my Recently Played list. Although removing it from Spotify would be good too. And any way to remove the memory of it?


On a more general note, can I just clear my Recently Played and start again, seeing as it's bugged?

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Looks like I've managed to scrub it by playing another advertised track. Maybe Spotify keeps a 'last played advert' record to help people keep track of new content found by their advertising partners?


Anyway, after skipping loads of songs trying to get an advert and none coming up, and then longing for an advert from a musician for a Spotify track instead of a spoken-advert, one came up ("Stratos Blue"), I listened to several tracks in the album, and that ghastly other thing is gone. My recently played list on the Home page still isn't my mostly recently played, but at least it contains some fairly recently played tracks.

I am using Spotify Premium, and trying to remove a noisy song that I hate, an exception to a great quiet playlist.  Once in a while, I get one like that.

There is no 'block'/'remove' button anywhere to be seen, like there used to be.
In various screens, all I see is a heart or 'remove explicit content', not the case. This is so on both on my Android phone and on my laptop version.

Why such an important topic is completely left out of the help section?  Is this a taboo?  Can you imagine how aggravated I am to spend so much time looking for a solution for such a simple issue?

If I missed something, Spotify needs an urgent redesign to address this.


Well, I foolishly looked up that song and listened to it because I was curious... so much regret.


Sorry you were having trouble getting rid of that song! What a horrible experience for Spotify to remind you of.

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