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Convert local files into spotify version

Convert local files into spotify version



I've recently changed my computer and all my local files are now gone.


However Spotify remember the titles which composed my playlists even if I'm now anable to read them (local files not any more reachable on my new computer).


Do I have the possibility to automatically convert every local filed titles into the Spotify library or do I need to recreate one by selecting every title by hand one by one?


Thank you. 


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Hi there @Eltarion,

thanks for reaching out !


Local files are uploaded to the Spotify app as they are tagged and named on your uploading device.


This means that if the source folder had changed and there's no longer access to the files you'll have to re upload and change each one.


You can read all about the local files feather on this official help page.


Hope this helps 🙂

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