Daily Mixes don't change for months

Daily Mixes don't change for months




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Android 5, windows 10

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My daily mixes haven't changed since they first appeared, only few others in different genres have appeared. Is this normal? I've added songs I like from them, and that's it. Same on my phone and desktop.


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Hi @JoyBeaver

thanks for reaching out !


I suggest checking out this Spotify Answer for further info and possible steps you can take to solve the issue. 


Let me know if that does the trick

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No, it doesn't. I have the last version of the app on my phone and pc, and I'm not a new user, I've been using spotify for around 2 months now.

Many people have the exact same problem. It is marked as something they're not going to bother to fix at this time in another thread. Thanks, Spotify. Mine have been frozen (exact same playlists, exact same songs, exact same order) for over six months and nobody can be bothered actually fixing it. As a result I've moved to Google Play Music and have taken out a subscription there. In the time I had a free account with Spotify I had to contact them on average about once a month with bugs. Over six months with Google Play Music - not one bug, ever. Hmm!

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