Desktop playlist song disappeared


Desktop playlist song disappeared


Please help! I deleted one song from my playlist and it took over 500 other songs with it! I dont understand what happened. None of them were selected they just disappeared all of a sudden. I've reset my computer and the app twice. At first they were still on my phone app but now they are gone from there as well. When I go to recover playlist it says I havent deleted any. Any ideas???


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Hi @Kaysichitachi !


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this! Thanks so much for trying to steps mentioned, just so you know the Recover Playlist section available on Spotify is if you delete an entire playlist, not individual songs within it.


I recommend you contact Spotify using the contact form here. I am not 100% sure if something can be done but hopefully they can give an answer.


Please note, due to COVID-19 Spotify Support is limited right now so please do expect a little longer wait time to get a reply, but hang tight and someone will reply as soon as they can!


Stay safe,