Huge Chunk of Liked Songs Missing


Huge Chunk of Liked Songs Missing



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United Kingdom


Medion Erazer P6679, iPad Air, iPod Touch 5th generation

Operating System

Windows 10, iOS 12, iOS 10


My Question or Issue

I opened my Spotify up today to find that all my Liked Songs from between 8th October 2019 and 6 days ago have disappeared. My library was intact yesterday afternoon. I am incredibly upset by this and have no idea what to do to fix it.

My liked playlists all appear to still be in my library, and songs that I'd previously 'liked' were still in these playlists, but appear like they have been 'unliked' which obviously I have not done.

I have no idea why this may have happened.

The only thing that comes to mind is that last night I was trying to stream my Spotify library through my Amazon Echo Dot and it wouldn't play. I logged out of Spotify on all devices and reset my password and logged back in again, and also disconnected and reconnected Spotify to my Alexa account thing. I am still on the same account and everything so I don't know if anything has gone wrong or not.

Please help as I am not tech-savvy at all and just want all this music back as it would've been hundreds of songs worth