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If your Wrapped is not appearing, check out this thread.

If your Wrapped is not appearing, check out this thread.

Hey there,


We're receiving reports that Wrapped 2022 isn't appearing for some users. This can be due to one of the following reasons:


  •  Wrapped is not accessible in all regions due to varying criteria.
  •  Not all user accounts are eligible for the Wrapped experience. Check out the FAQ for more info on that.
  •  Your mobile app is not updated to the latest version - it needs to be at least 8.7.86. Check out this article on how to update your app.
  •  After January 13 will be redirecting you to your Top Songs of 2022 playlist instead 


If you think the reason for the lack of Wrapped on your end is a different one, post in this thread your brand/model and operating system together with the Spotify app version you've installed. That way we can start the investigations right away.



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490 Replies

I had the announcement for my 2022 wrapped list, but I didn't want to see it already so I clicked to ignore it. Now, it seems I can't have it.


Is there a way to have the retrospective and the playlist back?


Thank you.


My spotify wrapped stories are not loading at all. I can get to the hub and all but no stories. I even did the data stories search. send help please

Hi, my spotify wrapped isn't working at all. Will it load later or what?

Hello everybody. My wrapped is not working. This has happened in previous years. I enter the application, but the stories do not appear. Only the most listened Playlist of the year. Would anyone know the reason?




Premium/Solo Premium 





Operating System

Android 11


My Question or Issue

  • Is it still possible to see your Wrapped Story from 2021? I checked my Wrapped playlist from that year and I think the little circle on the cover is the story but when I click on it, it just shows an error. I really want to check it out and hope to get some answers. Thanks!


My phone glitched as i was opening my wrapped, and so the slides disappeared. I was hoping there was some way to see them again?

Hello, I opened Spotify this morning and my 2022 Wrapped Story opened but then it froze and closed out and I can’t find a way to get back to the story. I found the playlist but no way to access the story again. Seems like if you don’t catch it the first time it pops up, it’s gone forever.


Is there a way to access this? 

my Spotify wrapped wasn't working so I clicked out of it hoping to just re-open it and watch it. but now it's gone and I can't find it. I want to see my percentages and stuff but I can only see my playlist of songs that I've listened to.

Hi, I cant see my wrapped stories, but only able to listen the playlist

Same problem, 

restarted device logged out, nothing is working

you can go to to get your wrapped playlist 🙂

Hi Dian,

I'm on Samsung S8 / S8+, logging in through FB linked to my personal email.

For my Spotify Wrapped, I only get access to my top songs of 2022. No stats, no stories, nothing.

Any idea why?


This makes me real sad.

Thanks !



i’m having the same issue! i can see the playlist just fine, but when i tried to watch the slideshow it showed up completely

black, so i closed out of it, and now i can’t get back in at all. i’m glad to see i’m not alone in this, but i hope it gets fixed before we’re not allowed to watch it at all anymore!

it says you have to download the app when you click the link

I opened spotify to see my spotify wrapped but the app froze, so I closed it and opened it and now I no longer can see the slideshow. I can only see top artists, there is nothing else and I was really looking forward to seeing more

we aren’t trying to get the playlist, we can find that just fine, it’s the story/slideshow we can’t access

Bruh having the same problem, the app froze and crashed, now all I can see is the wrapped playlist. And no slideshow or other stats 😞

I updated the app and it was there! 

Just go to your App Store, search Spotify and hit update. Once you open the app back up it should be there. 

Me too, except my app didn't crash, I just can't see the stories for some reason. I only wanna see the stories, not the playlists

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