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It should be much easier and quicker to report song problems

It should be much easier and quicker to report song problems

There are more and more songs appearing that misrepresent the artists on the track, pirate other artists' music, etc. 


Users should be able to report issues from the app directly - three dot button, report, "Artist misrepresented," done.  No more having to copy URLs, click through several pages in Support, filling a form.  There's no reason this can't be harder.


On the other end of things, why are people able to so easily spoof the artists on their songs?  Why isn't there better gatekeeping?  Please don't tell me how to submit problems, I already do that.

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Hey @thousandaire, thanks for your feedback. I know you mentioned that you're already aware of how to submit a problem, but I would point you in the direction of the Ideas section and recommend submitting an idea for this here. Interestingly, there was once a feature on the desktop called "Line-In" that allowed for the type of functionality you're describing, but it's since been deprecated.


As for why artists sometimes get mixed in with the wrong pages, I would assume limited metadata comes into play in these instances and that it's just not feasible to catch every instance of these occurrences due to the size of the Spotify catalog.

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I appreciate the response but I don't buy it.  Other music services don't have this issue.  Spotify should be smart enough to allow bands to have the same name, but not mix them up for recommendations.  If it's matching up songs based on given name, not internal ID number, that's some freshman-level code.

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