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Listening all the artists songs in random mode

Listening all the artists songs in random mode






(iPhone 7+,Macbook pro)

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(iOS 10, Mojave)


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Hi everybody,


Sorry for some language errors.


I would like to discover artists by listening more than 10 of their songs in random mode. Until now, we can discover the 10 most listened songs and after the last song Spotify starts playing the last album and the previous one, and so on...


Do you have a trick for my issue ?

Thx guys 😉


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Hi @gwarfy


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!


If you want to listen to the whole discography by a certain artist in a random order, you just need to turn on the shuffle mode (on the left from play button) and click play under the artist's name. 


I hope it helps!

Thank you Emilia

I found it few minutes after leaving my question 😉 Totally logic

Hi @gwarfy


No problem! 

I'm glad everything worked out for you. 


Have a nice day! 

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