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Local files cannot be added to specific playlist?

Local files cannot be added to specific playlist?






iPhone 13 pro

Operating System

iOS 16.6


My Question or Issue

I have 52 local files i put on my spotify, they are all playable. I want to add them to a specific playlist, but they won’t show up. they do show up if i add them to any other playlist.


let’s refer to the issue playlist as “playlist boi”


  • playlist boi has 1,440 songs without the local files added
  • local files play and appear just fine when adding to ANY of my other playlists
  • after i add them to playlist boi, they do not appear, not even in the grey unplayable way.
  • they will still show they’re added to playlist boi, and the count will show 1492.
  • when viewing playlist boi on my bf’s phone, the songs DO appear in the grey unplayable way.
  • i tried adding the local files to their own playlist, then merging the 1440 songs into that one. this worked for the night, when i opened the app the next day, they were gone again (but still showed the song count as 1492 as if they were added)
  • in the new playlist, it still has the album icons from the local files as the overall cover for the playlist

i spent a lot of time gathering music from my childhood together and those 52 songs are a part of it… i just wasted a LOT of time if this glitch can’t be fixed.


in the attachments you can see the icons. i used a generic purple moon photo as the cover for local songs that didn’t otherwise have a pic, so they’re a good point of reference


pic 1: shows songs are playable in local files

pic 2: shows that it already appears as added to playlist boi

pic 3: shows playlist boi, with the local file icons as if they were the first songs. alas, they are not the first songs (or anywhere else)

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I'm having the same problem man did u find a fix?

unfortunately didn’t, i’m not sure what i ended up doing. i think i tried
making a new playlist with just the locals and then added the rest? but i
feel like that one broke too, i can’t remember. i think one day it
literally just randomly stopped being an issue. i know that is the worst
solution ever.

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