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[Mobile] Rearrange songs in a playlist


[Mobile] Rearrange songs in a playlist







iPhone 6

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iOS 12


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 I’ve had this app for maybe 2 years now and I have never been able to rearrange my songs in a playlist. When I look up a solution it says to click the three dots on the top right, hit edit, then drag with the three dots next to the song. I do not see it next to any songs on my playlist. I really want to move my songs.

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@dragon_master - Just to confirm, are you currently subscribed to Premium? Keep in mind that if you're using the free service, you won't be able to edit the custom order of your playlist via the mobile app, which might be why you're not seeing the Edit button. However, you can still use the desktop app or Web Player to rearrange the songs while on free.

Should you be on Premium, however, could you try clearing stored cache from the app to see if it makes any difference?


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The fact this issue hasn’t been resolved is insane. Next step is definitely canceling my subscription.

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