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Mobile app playlists do not match desktop app playlists

Mobile app playlists do not match desktop app playlists

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Device - Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System - Android

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Hi guys, about 2 weeks ago I found that the playlists I created via the desktop app do not match with the playlists on my mobile android app. It's not that there are any missing playlists; it's that for some reason the order they are in, the file folders they appear in, do not match with what I set up in the desktop app.

For instance, there are playlists showing up on my mobile app main library screen, when what I actually wanted (and did create via the desktop app), was for file folders to appear first, no playlists unless you went in to one of the folders (i.e. rock, indie, hip-hop, etc.).

I'm wondering why this is the case, and is there anything I can do to repair it without re-installing the app? How can I get the mobile app to match/mirror what I've created in the desktop app?

Your assistance with this is most appreciated!



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I am also having this problem ://// , I think it started around two weeks ago. I've accessed Spotify from different computers (windows and mac) and iDevices (iPhone and iPad) and the order of playlists is the same on the computers but different on all other devices (rearranging the order of playlists in folders just doesn't work). It's quite a weird problem and I have trouble understanding what would cause this but I'll keep looking around and see if I can find anything. If anyone knows how to fix pls help :))

Glad to hear it's not just me! Well, not glad that you're also experiencing this, but you catch my drift haha. Thanks for weighing in, and hopefully we can get some help with this annoying problem soon! 

I'm also having this issue. My folders are in the order I set them on the desktop but on mobile they are completely jumbled and inside of each other, or just don't show up. Any help is appreciated!



Hey y’all,

With some help from the spotify support team (shoutout Marem 🎸🔥), the problem we all seem to have with playlists not going into the correct folders can be fixed in a pretty easy way. What you need to do is simply delete and reinstall the app on whatever device you have it installed on (unfortunately this means you’ll have to re-download playlists and add local files back if you have them). Long story short this just gives the app a new boost and sorts out some common problems (sort of like dunking your head in a bucket of ice water). Hope this helps your problems too!


Take it easy,


Hey all,


Something that can happen as well, is that you have more than one account.


It's very easy to create an account with us and might have happen without you even noticing it!


Here's an article that helps you find any additional accounts you might have.


Hope it helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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