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Playback gets paused every 30 seconds on any device I try to listen with


Playback gets paused every 30 seconds on any device I try to listen with


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Desktop, Android

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Mac, Windows 10, Linux (Manjaro), Pixel 5 (Android 12)


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Every 30 seconds, no matter what device I use, music playback is stopped. I've tried turning on private session, I've tried playing offline/downloaded music, I've tried reinstalling on every device, I've tried changing my password and pressing "log out everywhere" and nothing has fixed it. I've made sure to clear the cache and storage before reinstalling as well. Happening on multiple devices and platforms leads me to believe this is an issue on Spotify's end, not mine. Other accounts in my family plan are not having this issue, only me.

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I was able to fix the issue by going into my voice and video settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking reset voice settings, not sure which setting was preventing my music from playing but this worked!

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Discord had me logged in and was pausing music when it thought I was talking... ignore this...

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Discord had me logged in and was pausing music when it thought I was talking... ignore this...

I have tried everything from multiple articles, spotify support, etc. I've restarted my computer, the app, reinstalled the app, cleared the cache, cleared up storage space, removed spotify from a host file, and everything else I've found is about spotify mobile. I don't have an SD card on my computer so there's no way to see if its dirty or not. It was working perfectly fine for about an hour and then suddenly it kept pausing. I am not running any other apps. I don't want my subscription to refresh in a few days if the app isn't going to work lol

I just had the same problem, it was discord and what I did to fix it was turning on the automatic input sensitivity thing since I had it on manual and dragged all the way to the left. 

Recently, Spotify kept pausing on my iPhone, then I saw that my laptop was also connected to the same bluetooth speaker and when my laptop played a sound, it would stop the music playing through the other device.







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify keeps pausing every 30 seconds. It started when I was in a discord vc and invited the chat to listen. (nobody joined). I muted my mic after because it showed the thing where discord pauses it after 30 seconds. Even after muting my mic and removing the spotify invite, it continued to do it. I disconnected spotify from my discord account and reconnected it but it is still doing it.

quit discord from the arrow in the windows taskbar 

I have the same problem. On my phone, laptop and apple tv..


I dont know what to do. I have tried all of these splutions and I dont have discord

This is a Spotify AND Discord problem, cause it NEVER did this until recently, but just today, when I was listening to music it started to pause even when I wasn't talking. Every 30 seconds, give or take 5.
I would hope you guys can deal with it because it is genuinly pissing me off.
It never did it and now all the sudden it won't stop doing it, I have since disconnected the integration to solve it, but I would like an actual solution to the problem as it is a stupid feature.

I have the same problem but discord is not open im not in a voice chat


this is happening to me now, is a discord and spotify problem. started on my pc is now impacting me on any device now.

this works


so what did you do to fix it 




I just left the discord voice channel…

I'll start any song and after ten seconds or so the song will pause. I'll press the play button but it happens again.

Spotify keeps pausing after 33 seconds of playing. It started during a Discord call and has persisted for several days. The issue happens across multiple devices. I've signed out everywhere, cleared caches, and uninstalled the app on every platform I use it on but nothing seems to work. I even uninstalled Discord and it still didn't fix the issue.

My partner has this problem where it is consistently pauses every 30 seconds on CarPlay, on his laptop, and phone. Discord is not the problem and have not been able to find a solution.

^ His Discord is not connected to his spotify

Yesterday and today - no matter what I'm listening to or if I'm on my iPhone 15 pro or my MacBook Pro - after about 10-15 seconds my music will pause. I'm uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, I've logged out and logged back in, I've cleared the cache, and I can't get it to stop.

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