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Unable to download songs on galaxy watch

Unable to download songs on galaxy watch

Hi, i have an issue where i am unable to download on my galaxy watch 4 classic. i have looked and multiple threads and none of it seem to work. my app is up to date for both phone and watch, tried removing download on other device, reinstalling app and still does not work 


when i press download to watch, it will load and go back to download to watch and nothing is downloaded. please help

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Hey @promiscrit,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We moved your post from Chats to the help boards as its content fits better here.


When the Watch is not completing the downloading process, it's usually related to the number of offline devices you currently have.


Since you can download content on up to 5 devices, when you try to download music on a 6th one, the system will not start the downloading process.


To fix this, you just need to delete some of the offline devices that you may have by following the steps mentioned in this article under the section Undo downloads.


Hope this helps. If the issue persists, include in your next response the OS version of your Watch and the Spotify version you're currently running to continue investigating.


We'll be on the lookout.

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