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let me remove unwanted podcast from home screen

let me remove unwanted podcast from home screen

I once played an episode of podcast( and I can't remove it from my home screen.

There's nowhere else an option to hide or remove it.

I already saw many people showed their frustration on this issue but apparently it's been ignored.

If it's not resolved, I would have to migrate to other service really.
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I am in full agreement.  I'd prefer to keep my podcasts private too.  That's why I listen to them at night under the covers !  Plus, I want music.  Music I've never heard of.  not advertising.  I miss Music Match to this day. 

YES I AM SO FRUSTRATED AND ALMOST CRYING! It’s giving me ocd and I hate that podcast I accidentally put 😭 someone please please fix this I will have to switch music apps I really can’t go to that homepage everyday or i might start crying I’m not even lying

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