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Are there plans to remove the Facebook SDK from the Spotify iOS app?

Are there plans to remove the Facebook SDK from the Spotify iOS app?

I recently found out that the Spotify app on iOS bundles the facebook SDK which runs arbitrary Facebook code on startup, using the permissions given to the Spotify app, and makes a request to, in order to enable tracking.

I don't use Facebook, never linked my Spotify to a Facebook account and don't use any of the Facebook specify features in the app. So not being able to opt out of this makes me very uncomfortable.

Not even taking into account the recent downtime, I consider this problematic from a privacy perspective.

Are there plans to remove this hard dependency on the Facebook services in the coming months? Will there be an official statement on the matter?

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The strange thing about this whole situation is that Spotify has changed this behaviour on the Android app in February 2019:

So, if it can be done on Android, it should also be done in iOS.



For me this is a bug. I‘ve ask about this the Spotify support team and they denied, that without a Facebook account connection any data to Facebook is sent. But obviously they are wrong.

Either they don’t know, what their app is doing, or how the Facebook SDK works.

@Spotify: So, please don‘t just check the Facebook connection at startup. Also other events within the Spotify app should send any information to Facebook without my explicit allowance.

With all the data scandals this company had, I don’t use Spotify anymore until this is solved.







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