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iPhone 7 / iOS 13.3.1


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Went to sleep with 100% battery, woke up with Spotify used all the battery with no reason. I already has same issue couple of months ago, I had to reinstall the app. Is this somewhat related to casting audio con my Google Home Mini? It’s very annoying 😞

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Hey @thisisjp,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Would you mind describing in greater detail the steps to reproduce the battery-related issue you reported so we can test this on our end and get back to you? I also use an iOS 13.3.1 device with Spotify but haven't experienced similar issues (although I am only connected to a bluetooth speaker and not linked to any Google devices).


In the meantime, I'd like to share some steps which will help optimize battery usage on your respective device:

  • Constantly check for any iOS updates as well as Spotify updates
  • Turn off high-drain features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and hotspots when not needed
  • Limit activities which require an internet connection such as having multiple apps running (even in the background), having GPS turned on for long periods, or playing/pausing videos on streaming while using Spotify
  • Keep an eye on your screen brightness levels to make sure they’re not unnecessarily high
  • Take good care of your battery by - among other things - using the power adapter which came with your phone, preventing the device from overheating, and charging it only for as long as it takes for it to reach full battery capacity

We'll look out for your reply and be available to help with anything else as well. 


Have a nice (and a safe) day!

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As shown you in the screenshot it says the app was running in the background for 11 hours (the whole night), but I wasn't listening to any music—screen off, phone in standby. I usually use my Spotify app as a remote control for my smart Tv or my Google Home Mini (through Spotify Connect).

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