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Can't connect to Sonos players in Spotify Connect

Can't connect to Sonos players in Spotify Connect

So I open up the Spotify app and I can see my sonos devices there waiting to be connected to. I click on them to connect and it says connecting, but then nothing.


This is the same on my iOS app.


They are clearly there but just won't connect.


Strangely when I go through the Sonos desktop app I can paly things from spotify there without problem.



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well I have solved it, somehow although I don't understand why this worked.  I used the app on my phone to connect to the Sonos speaker.  This somehow booted the macbook app into life so that it then also recognised the sonos speaker.  I can now control my playlists from the macbook.  Bizarre?

This worked for me! Not sure if it helped, but before removing/adding the Spotify service on the Sonos app on my iPhone, I made sure to close Spotify on my desktop. Haven't went to see if it works again on Desktop, but it works on my phone now! Thanks!


Edit: I just found out that by clicking "Reply" on the comment that helped me, it only just replies to the whole thread and doesn't nest my comment under that on which I clicked reply. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have 4 Sonos speakers here...  
When I use the Sonos app, it works fine, all 4.

When I use Spotify app (desktop on mac), problem with one speaker.  The other 3 works fine... but one.. I can't connect.  Weird. 

tried reinstall spotify app, reinstall Sonos controler app, reboot Sonos, reboot computer..  reauthorize Spotify through Sonos App.    

It's really annoying.   I am new to Spotify since 3 days...   😕 

I solved the problem by running Spotify on my notebook and connecting to the speakers. After that I could connect my Spotify app on my smartphone with the Sonos speakers.

Me too ! And the other solutions did not work. But I've found another one :


Connect to one and every device where you use your Spotify account. Launch Spotify there, and quit.

Then, you'll be able to choose the Sonos Connect to play your music.


I suspect, but this is entirely speculative, that a token is put on the device using the Spotify account, and, in some circumstances, this token is not released. This lack of release partially invalidates the use of your Spotify account. In this case, again this is complete speculation, I suspect that Spotify has rules over the way third party editors use the Spotify services through their API. These rules may be relaxed with Spotify own software.

Anyway, even if I'm totally wrong in this analysis, it solved my case and I can use Spotify from my phone on my Connect again.

And Me tooo... i cant connect Spotify apps to My Sonos 😞 Help...

Yes same issue here - Sonos will play Spotify tracks, but Spotify won't stream to Sonos. Streaming to Google Home devices from the Spotify app is fine. I've removed and reinstalled the Spotify and Sonos apps several times,  reregistering the Spotify service each time, but to no avail. It's the same story on two Samsung tablets, a Samsung phone, and a Motorola/Lenovo phone. It was working fine and I haven't changed anything... 

Same thing just happened to us.  Not sure if a Spotify update broke it or what.  But two phones and three tablets suddenly can't connect.  Works fine if I use Spotify inside the Sonos app though.  Frustrating.

Same problem here. Have tried all suggestions including deleting the Spotify app and no dice. 

Same thing. Has just started happening. Have even factory reset my phone. Powered down the Sonos playbar. Works fine from Sonos app, but can't connect from the Spotify app, even though is listed there.

Kidsonos and communitypschit solution worked for me last night ... except this morning all was broken and I had to go back into the Spotify desktop app and send music out to each of my zoneplayers again before I could do so from the Spotify mobile app.  After doing that all is working fine again now.  I can move music back and forth between ZP from within the mobile app so if there's a lock issue it is releasing OK at the moment and I can't immediately replicate it.  

However, for me the option to click on a room and manage groups has disappeared from both the desktop and mobile Spotify apps in the last day or two.  I suspect changes have been made in this area of code...  certainly suspecting a bug.

Yep, it's broken

No offence but if you hadn't even figured out that you had to sign into the Sonos app before encountering this problem then I don't know what you're doing with a Sonos setup. I've obviously signed into the Sonos app(!), reinstalled both the Sonos and Spotify apps, reauthorised Spotify in Sonos app, removed and re-added Spotify as a music service in Sonos... Still Spotify will simply not play to three of my Sonos speakers (though it will to one other), despite listing them as available devices.  

They broke it with one of the recent updates. Can't play on Sonos from Spotify. Neither company seem to care at all.

I'm also seeing all the problems described. Something is broken right now.

Been out for 2hrs and it's broken again on coming back home.  Something is not handling a time-out gracefully and then getting confused.  Whether it's a Spotify or Sonos issue I'm not sure (quite possibly Sonos given other devices seem fine on Spotify and the awful new UI Sonos have just released for Android...).  Will raise with Sonos support and reference this thread.



Same issue as everyone else and I have tried all the suggestions.

Not sure why this is showing Solved when google searching,  clearly a problem with both apps not talking, with so many udates on both apps recently this was somehow expected.. sonos app went from average to complete non sense and spotify..well nothing changed except that now we are unable to send the music to sonos devices...guess the app support should resolve this issue promptly and try to maintain the current user base.. thank God i havent purchased the yearly subscription yet as this is for me a deal breaker.

I also have the same issue. Not being able to connect to Sonos via Spotify Connect. It has been working from time to time but when I bought a new Play:1 and paired them it doesn not work at all

It works if using Spotify from the Sonos app and other music services work

I can connect to Chromecast from Spotify so it has to be something Spotify + Sonos

And I have tried all the tricks described in the forum and on the support pages.

Yep.... Same issue here. Sad to see this kind of problems with a device that costs about 1.5 avarage monthly sallaries here in Poland. 

Untill they fix it I'll just keep using the Sonos app. Installed the Sonos app on my PC too. Sudgest you do the same untill they fix it. You can download the Sonos Desktop app from here 

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