Constant need to redownload songs


Constant need to redownload songs

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Can someone please help!! I constantly need to redownload all my saved songs on the Spotify app!! It is driving me insane!
All I want to do is listen to music whilst offline as Spotify has already used a lot of my data and it won't let mennevaide once again I need to redownload the songs!?? Pleas help!
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Re: Constant need to redownload songs

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Hey @Sharpiie89.


Welcome to the Community. Thanks for reaching out to us, we'll do our best to help you out.


If your Spotify app is deleting the playlists you've downloaded to use offline, a couple of things could be happening:


  • Spotify Premium can be used offline in up to 5 devices, if you sync a 6th device, the first one will have all the downloaded music deleted.
  • Since Spotify's downloaded music is saved to your phone's cache, using cache clearing apps or completely running out of battery might delete it.
  • When your smartphone's storage is full, it automatically cleans the apps to rendeem storage.

Also try deleting your Offline devices by logging in here, and then reinstall Spotify.


Let us know how it goes 🙂