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Crash on iOS 8 - still!!!!


Crash on iOS 8 - still!!!!

Spotify on my iPhone 5S still crashes on startup!!
I've got iOS 8.0.2 and Spotify 1.8.0 (updated Oct. 3rd, newest available version in Norway) 

I've tried to uninstall and reinstall Spotify on my phone.

I have a premium account, and haven't been able to use it since iOS 8 came - extremely frustrating.

Hope to get help soon!!!! Miss my music 🙂






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Thanks, this just solved my problem too.  

Posting in this thread as well - I changing language / region settings + other tricks mentioned here not working. iPhone 5s, iOS8 and latest Spotify update; I haven't been able to open Spotify for two weeks now.


Any news about an app update or other fix? thanks.

I can't beleave it worked and it was so simple!!
A big THANK YOU!!!!

thanks for the post! switched regions and finally can open the app!

Im In the same page, I think there is a bug in the latest update I try to navigate to "Sent to" my Spotify App to send some music to frieends and it simply crashes. Hope they get this resolved..

Still no luck getting my brother's spotify to open on iphone5 latest spotify upgrade and latest ios.


Tried all your suggestions and it does not work.


How about refunding? this is clearly a problem that you know about and there isn't a fix available that works for all devices.


I urge everyone that has this problem to demand a refund, free month? discount?

Or is paying customers supposed to hang out in support forums searching for solutions?

Hi Meredith, 


I use an iPhone 4s, and Spotify has been crashing on my phone for a month now. I've tried everything, from uninstall, to reinstall, clean installation on computer, opening in flight mode. 


My iPhone software is up to date (iOS 8.0.2.). 


When I click on Spotify it only gives me the startupscreen, black background, green Spotify icon.


I hope you can help me, because I am really starting to miss my music... and I pay for a service that doesn't work. 








Did you try changing the region on settings?

I have ios 8 and the latest version of spotify (premium) installed on my iphone 5s. Since the update, the app had been crashing on me at the startup. Spotify app was pretty much useless for a few weeks! This solved my issue. Thank you very much for the solution!! One less problem with the app! 🙂

I've tried all solutions mentioned in this thread, still no luck.

I will chime in and inform you that, still, none of the solutions have worked for me.



How has this not been fixed yet? Why is there no update? I've had this problem on my iphone 5s since the Oct 3rd update I'm not paying for this service for no reason, if I can't play spotify on my iphone then I'm going to cancel my account and take my money elsewhere. None of these solutions are working a hotfix needs to be deployed! Please let me know when this will be resolved or I'm canceling.

I tried all of the tricks that previous users have posted (deleting and reinstalling app, restarting phone and reinstalling app, updating my phone through itunes) and ended up having to completely reset my phone to factory settings without backing up from icloud. It sucked having to redownload all of my apps and find lost numbers, but it was the only thing that worked to stop spotify from crashing. 

Hey everyone! Wanted to jump in here and say we've got the right teams on the case. 


As soon as we have an update for you we'll post again this thread. If you've got any specific questions about your account please head over to our contact form so we can help. 


We know you're all eager to use Spotify on your iOS device--we're working hard to reunite you with your tunes. 

Marked as solution

Go to settings > General > select Language & Region... Now if your correct region is already selected choose a diferent one and change it back to your location. Doing this fix my Spotify

The language/region change doesn't work for me. No solution mentioned in this thread has fixed it. Waiting for update

Thanks Htek! Afer the last ios update my region settings were wrong. I've corrected this, deleted Spotify, reboot, reinstalled and it finally worked again!

My spotify hasn't worked since updating to ios8 on IPhone5S—until this post. Thanks!

Crashing for me as well - it manages to sync about 10 songs and then crashes. I have 1800+ songs to sync, doing them 10 at a time when it takes ~1 min per song on my internet connection is stupid.


This is with Spotify 1.8 on iOS 6.1.6 on an iPod Touch 4G. I have reinstalled Spotify and restored my iPod to factory twice - all having the same issue.


Would the crash reports from the Diagnostics & Usage page in the Settings App be useful for diagnosis?

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