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Do you iOS folks still have landscape?

Do you iOS folks still have landscape?

Or was it only us folks over in the Android forum that got slapped on Tuesday?


So much for trying to drive and use a phone dock with Spotify.


Genius. Smiley Sad

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We've never had it on iPhones or iPods.  Only iPad.

Well that lends itself another level of unfortunate-ness (-tude?) 😐


I was considering getting an iPhone the next time a new generation comes around and ditching my Android, and if you folks can't do Spotify on it, that would be horrible for me.  I love Spotify.  Is that some sort of hibatious iTunes thing?  Not in our yard?  Why do they allow gMusic to exist streaming Google play stuff?  Hmm.


Well now two things have to be solved:


1) Put landscape 'back' in Android (it was just fine before you folks improved the application).


2) Make a version for the iPhone (and yes, it must also have landscape...though conceivably, I'd probably have a different sort of cradle for that in my car that is portait, so maybe that wouldn't matter :p).


No landscape for android phones with landscape car docks makes that a really evil change. 😞

I think you misunderstood me. You asked if we lost landscape mode and I said we never had it (except on iPad). The iOS app itself works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Ah!  That's very different!


So you at least have it, you just never had landscape on the smaller devices.


I guess the question is moot here, as the way an iPhone charges, if it were in a cradel in a car, it wouldn't need to be landscape.


Back to terrorizing the Android forums!


Thanks 🙂

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