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Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"


Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"

Hey there folks,


Our design team has started exploring new ways to add items to "Your Library". This is why we'd love to hear your feedback on the new implementations, because those changes are done with the goal to better your experience on our platform.


The design may differ in either having a heart symbol or a plus sign with other subtle differences.


If you're part of this undertaking, post your constructive feedback in this thread and the relevant team will review it. 



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519 Replies

Hi, please don’t remove the heart button all together! I go through albums and like my favourite songs so i know which songs are my favourite from said albums and not being able to see the heart kinda ruins it for me.

I'm liking the checklist format, so you can see whether a song is already in a given playlist, that's helpful.

Less helpful is not being able to see if a song is Liked—previously in a list there would be a heart listed on the right side of the track listing if a song was already Liked.


In my case, Liking a song and adding it to a playlist are two very separate things—Liking is like underlining a word or a sentence in a book, or earmarking a page (something quick and informal to draw attention to it later), whereas adding it to a playlist is writing down that word or line in a separate place (thus more deliberate). Having the two as separate buttons, then, is more useful.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to share your constructive feedback on the recent changes, we appreciate it! Rest assured that we're actively monitoring this thread and taking notes, so do keep on submitting your suggestions here!


So far, the following main areas of feedback have been taken taken into account and forwarded to the relevant team (this being a summary, with the actual report being more in-depth):

  • Adding a whole album to a playlist is really useful.
  • Swiping to add a song to the user's Liked Songs is practical.
  • Adding songs to other playlists works well, but adding songs to the Liked list now takes more actions, which isn't ideal.
  • The "heart" symbol in Now Playing view just looks visually better to you and makes it easier to tell if a track has been added specifically to your Liked Songs.
  • Tracks no longer having a "heart" symbol on the artist page or when viewing albums and playlists is dearly missed.
  • When tapping the "plus" symbol, the Liked Songs playlist should be deselected OR it should be separate from the "heart".

Don't worry - the current changes are something we're still testing out, so they aren't final. The purpose of these tests is exactly to help us improve the app thanks to your input. Gathering and evaluating all of your feedback may take some time as we don't want to miss any of it, so please give us a few weeks to process all of the information and get things finalized.

We'll continue to monitor this thread for your suggestions and pass them on to the relevant team. We'll keep you folks posted as soon as we have any new information to share.


Besides letting us know what you're missing from the recent changes, it'd be really helpful if you could point out what you really enjoy (or maybe want to see) in regards to adding songs/episodes to your playlists and library.

Thanks again for making Spotify better and apologies for any inconvenience for the time being!

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Thank you Yodan, just please put the Home Screen back to what it was before you guys started this experiment. I was really starting to love Spotify, and now I am being forced to look elsewhere. 

Please get rid of this function!!  BRING BACK THE LIKE BUTTON! This feature creates an extra step in the process of saving a song. It makes me want to explore other options over Spotify. I’ve loved Spotify for years and this one feature has changed the way I enjoy music on the app for the worse. I’d rather change apps at this point. 

I don’t like that I cant see which songs i have liked on an album/playlist. I liked it a lot more before 


The removal of being able to quickly like songs is one of the worst decisions I’ve seen for a music app. For a person like me that drives a lot for work every day it was such an awesome feature to quickly like a song while I’m driving, now instead of taking a quick glance and hitting the button I have to take my eyes off the road to put it in a playlist. This is not only dangerous but entirely unnecessary, no one wants more steps to add a song to their library. If this doesn’t change I might just have to go back to Apple Music.

I strongly dislike the new changes to the app. When I opened my mobile app, I immediately noticed that my heart button was missing when listening to music. This was confusing for a variety of reasons. At first, I was confused at how to like a song and where to do that. In addition to this, while you can like a song, it is not visible in a playlist or when playing an album which songs have already been liked. This is important to me because while I play music from playlists, I tend to play albums separately in full. When I open an album, I can no longer see which songs I liked vs. which ones I didn't so I know which ones to skip. It's also not feasible when playing a five hour curated playlist to check every song I enjoy to make sure I already liked it and added it to a personal playlist I can also no longer look at the banner of what's playing to determine if I've already liked something instead of opening the song to full screen. I find this annoying, as I frequently am actively doing something else in the app while listening to what's playing. You can also no longer like an entire album at once. You also can't click the three dots in the right hand corner of a song to like it that way. I don't mind the plus sign/check mark in the place of the heart, but several functions were taken away. I preferred the app before the changes were made.


Please bring back the like button!! It was one click and done, easy to add anything to one big playlist of liked songs. Now you have to click multiple times which is annoying. It was also super convenient to unlike a song to remove it from liked songs. Now I hearing a song I no longer care for I have to go to the playlist search for it and manually removed it. Also my option to add an entire album to a playlist is gone. Don't  know if this is a bug or intentional but it doesn't make sense and frankly makes me not want to add anything to any playlist because the amount to tie to add one song and be brought out of the album and having to go back to it for each song quickly gets annoying! 

I freakin hate this so much that I spent the last hour on Spotify messenger with an agent trying to figure out why the heck I can’t add albums to playlists or heart songs!? Please give it back! It’s so annoying to have to add songs individually to a playlist. For instance if you create a new playlist then add songs it will take you to a pop up of songs where you can click a plus to add it but then it takes you back to the main search screen so I’m literally searching the same album and clicking plus to ONE song then having to search it again to add the second song. I have premium and I love to curate playlists and this is so disappointing!! Please give the add album to playlist option back. 

Give us back the freakin hearts. It took me all week to figure out why it disappeared. 

Really don’t like this new addition. I enjoyed being able to ‘like’ songs to add them to my overall library and then from there I can add them to a specific playlist. I like the easier access to adding songs to multiple playlists, but I don’t like that my liked songs itself has gone from being a library of all my songs to just another playlist. Additionally, the plus button versus the ‘like’ button makes useless the feature on an artist’s page to play through all your liked songs. Adding songs using this new plus button to the ‘likes’ songs playlist doesn’t add them to the liked songs playlist on the artist page, and I really liked the artist liked songs feature. Overall would like the old like button back. 

Yup the album thing I didn’t even think of, such a stupid change to the app 

Bring back the heart. The heart is way better and more convenient. 

Hi Dian and Spotify team - this update was really frustrating. It means that we have to stop focusing on the music we are listening to and categorize where we want it. Having the simple “heart” icon made it instantly recognize able for what it was - a song we liked.  Now it’s harder to find, locate, and fabe a new song. Most importantly, we weren’t told about the update or how the new feature works - as a client/listener - that’s also extremely frustrating.

Liked songs and saved songs are now conflated. The plus symbol means two things: you have the song saved in a playlist or you have it in your liked songs. Two very separate categories for most users. It becomes confusing when you “uncheck” a song you “liked” it can still show a ‘checked’ mark because its also in one of your playlists. Thus anytime you come across a song again, you don’t know which of the two things it means-“liked” or “saved”. This conflicts with the idea of  hitting the plus symbol which adds it your liked songs. Please allow us to get back to a previous version. This is devastating to the organization or exploration of any music now 

Not being able see which saved or liked songs you have from any playlist/album/artist page completely breaks a hugely used function. You can’t see where your liked/saved song are when navigating anywhere but searching within your playlists. Completely ruined my music exploration experience. Please let us get back to a previous update, this was not opt-in. We should be able to opt out of this. Going to cancel til it’s sorted out  

What’s frustrating, it’s a science experiment to the Spotify team. Not everyone is experiencing the same thing. You randomly pick who you want, change things up, and think it’s ok. Us premium subscribers are not getting what we paid for. Don’t mess with what already works. Instead, drop an email, and give us options. On another note, and what I don’t understand, but got no answers. How come I have to log out, and log back in to get it back to the way it was? Not to beat a dead horse, ALL my content is missing with this experiment you’re conducting. Thank you 

Not having the “heart” icon is really frustrating, I use this daily. I love music & I love many different genres of music, so keeping track of my favorite songs by artists isn’t something I just keep in my head. I heart “like” the songs and can easily tell my favorite songs based on the heart being right next to it. I see this no where now, I understand the “like” aspect is still there but going through playlists & none of the songs having a heart icon by it is really annoying. I see I’m not the only one that doesn’t like that this feature that’s been with Spotify for years is now suddenly gone. 

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