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How do I get Spotify premium with iTunes gift card?

How do I get Spotify premium with iTunes gift card?

Hello, I have an iPhone and I have an iTunes gift card, which I added to my iTunes account. How do I upgrade to Premium using that money in my iTunes account? Like what are the steps. Because I can't find any option in the app for inapp purchases. And I know iTunes charges more.
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Unfortunately you can not buy Spotify Premium with iTunes gift card.


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In the meantime you can check out this Idea thread below and give some Kudos and leave a comment.

Makes sense. But what do you mean by "You need to subscribe through Apple by following tutorial below" ?

I mean that you can buy Spotify Premium through Apple which costs $12.99 a month but you can not buy that with Apple Gift Cards unfortunately.

Yeah sorry for the trouble, but can you tell me the steps to do that?. Because the tutorial only covers managing subscription but I don't know how to subscribe to Spotify using Apple in the first place. Again thank you and sorry for the hassle.

That is very good question because there's not a lot of tutorials showing you how to subscribe through Apple, but I think you open up Spotify App and then Settings and Account. There you should see a Upgrade to Premium text or something.

There's nothing like that, that's why I'm so confused hahahah.

If you open up iTunes and then search Spotify it will list popular In-App purchases, so I think you buy Spotify Premium through Spotify App if I'm not completely mistaken. I do wish that Apple would make this a lot easier.

I really hope so too. Thanks a lot for the help man!!

What app is it?

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