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I loved the app until I got an iPone

I loved the app until I got an iPone

I've read and searched online for an answer to the problem of the Spotify app  shutting off the music as soon as Iock the screen or my iPhone sleeps but all I've found are 1) reinstall the app and it might (or might not) fixt the problem, but not permanently. and 2) ALLOT more problems with the app on iPhone than I want to deal with for US 120/Yr.


But, I'm willing to Spotify a chance to get this sorted. I'm going to reinstall, hopefully it works, if it does, good, but I'm also going to VERY EAGERLY anticipate an update in the near future that addresses the issues I've read about in this forum and others.


I'll probably cancel my account absent these updates/fixes witin a reaonable 8 - 12 weeks, or another way to think about it is I'm willing to go in for another US 20 in hopes of imrovements on the near horizon, but no more if they don't arive.

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Hi there,


Could you provide me a bit more information so I can help troubleshoot this issue with you? 


If you're still having trouble after doing a clean reinstallation just post your iPhone model, iOS version and Spotify app version here.

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