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I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I am a confirmed premium user but I'm still getting ads.
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I'm experiencing the same thing! And it's not the host-read one (see attached screenshot). It's very annoying. I have restarted my device, checked my account, etc. But still. Sometimes it makes me consider stopping my premium plan because anyway, I get an ad. Why am I spending money for?


Same here I’m premium but still getting annoying ads

I am also in this boat. I was listening to a podcast (Today Explained from Vox media) and got an interstitial for a local organization (in Canada). I rewound the podcast and watched the scrub bar and the "now playing" box to see that the podcast somehow injected the ad. I'm surprised at how they injected a localized ad. I'm tempted to get technical and monitor DNS activity from spotify and packet trace to see how this is happening. I'm theorizing that I will see DNS queries to some ad system while playing the podcast. 

I am also having this issue.  Premium account, but getting advertisements that are definitely not content producer associated.  


Really getting frustrated and **bleep** off with this.  The Spotify support has been completely unhelpful.

Just wanted to say it’s still a problem.


Getting ads listening to music with premium membership.


It started doing this two days ago now. Only thing I can possibly think is that I signed into my Spotify on a google Chromebook. Upon signing in, Spotify said I wasn’t a premium member, yet on my iPhone, I can clearly see there I am. I had signed in on the app on the Chromebook. I proceeded to go to Spotify on the internet on the Chromebook where it recognized I was a premium member. Went to the Google App Store on the Chromebook and found it needed an update. The app still doesn’t think I’m premium. So I believe the bug is somewhere within that of the out of date app version, don’t know why when updated it still didn’t recognize the premium. On my husbands IPhone today, signed into my Spotify I’m getting ads. Which is up to date. I got to gather up all devices I’m signed in on, to sign out of all of em to find out if that will make it stop.  I’ll let you know if it worked for me or not. Lord knows I surely hope so. Getting hit with 3 ads in a row @ a time. About every 10-15? Songs.


Idk why I’m okay for ads in podcasts. It’s like you need the break. Interrupting the flow of the music to listen to an ad is hella annoying. Might as well be listening to the radio. It’s the reason why I subscribe to premium. Plus skip. 

Spotify uses a targeted advertising system which means even when you have Premium (which I do) some users will receive ads because ads are targeting a specific demographic or user based on listening habits. How is this legal? 

Hi, I also have the same problem. I renewed premium a few days ago and I suddenly get ads between songs today. It's fairly annoying since I paid premium to avoid ads, but is there any way to fix this? I'm using Android. I logged out and in and deleted the app and reinstall but the ads are still there. 


saya menggunakan spotify premium mini, saat mendengarkan di perangkat ponsel saya, tidak ada iklan atau fitur pengguna gratis lainnya.
Namun, di saat saya mendengarkan di perangkat komputer saya / desktop saya, selalu ada iklan.
Saya sudah mencoba log out, lalu log in kembali di perangkat komputer saya, hasil nya tetap sama

I am now for long time a Premium user but now getting every start, end and sometimes in the middle of a podcast i am listening to ads.No this isn't sponsor stuff from the podcast since the ads are in my Mother language and the podcast is in English and Spotify itself tells me while the ads are going that it is advertisement. I tried already logging out and in again starting the device again and deleting the cache of the app.

I need solution for this one . already paid twice and confirmed but the ads still played . its annoying

I am premium and get adds , how do u contact support or any one to rectify this issue, before I cancel my subscription. This is totally unacceptable to me 

Linda Harding 

I have the same problem. Ads with music on all my tech. My accounts shows, "Premium Individual".


I have only noticed this during podcasts, which is sadly (for me) a lot of what I used Spotify for. It is unfortunate, just like Amazon Prime, that I pay for yearly, now they are asking for more money for no ads to their prime movies and shows... Is Spotify going to have a SUPER DUPER PREMIUM version that doesn't have ads during podcasts?

Hi I'm having the same problem - very annoying to get adds when you are on a premium account, especially when the ads are so loud - they are not a part of the podcast, they are from Spotify. Specifically I keep getting one for Uber Eats



I am a premium user experiencing the same problem. Ads are interrupting playlists, only on desktop browser. I am certain I am logged in and that my account is active. This is extremely disappointing and the fact that so many premium users experience it is distressing. Why is this not a higher priority for spotify to fix for its paying customers?

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