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How can I stop getting in-app concert recommendations?

How can I stop getting in-app concert recommendations?

I've attached an example of some Direct marketing sent my way.

How can I stop it?







IPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 17.1




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Hi there Vasil,

I did already have that toggle set to off. 

In any case, it does say that "These preferences only apply to push and email." By push notifications, I assume that means notifications within iOS.

Allow users to opt out of receiving any in-app notifications for concerts in the area. I don’t like concerts, I don’t want Spotify to keep pushing them on me. 

Rather than suggesting this as an idea, I should be able to opt-out of unsolicited Direct Marketing (according to UK/EU law). It does not seem to be possible.






(iPhone 11 Pro)

Operating System

iOS 16.6.1


My Question or Issue

Each day, I receive an in-app pop-up for Jamie XX’s new year’s concert. Yes, he is an artist I follow, but I closed the pop up literally a month ago, and the pop-ups keep reappearing on a daily basis. I don’t want to go to the concert. I didn’t want to go last month, and I haven’t wanted to go each day since. Why can’t the app remember my preference and stop advertising to me? I feel that Jamie XX’s label and/or Ticketmaster has paid a lot of money to force this event on us, but I pay for premium and would much prefer to just get the one ad, not a daily pestering. Can I not opt out of in-app advertising? This is not a “recommendation,” this is an ad. Just a gripe. I know this will be explained away by Spotify as “good for the listener and for the artist.”

I'm getting this too. Spotify apps keeps telling me about a Chicago concert even though I have all my notifications for stuff like this turned off. This is the kind of **bleep** that makes services fall from grace like MySpace. I just want music. I don't want the extras like lyrics, about the artist, etc. - all these extra things that pop up when you just want to listen to music makes Spotify look cheap.

Same issue. I saw the concert, bought tickets, but do not need daily reminders that the concert is happening or that the same band is having another concert nearby. I dropped Spotify during the Podcast-first era, happy to do it again if they can't figure out how to play music without their app giving unwanted reminders.

Same issue. It’s annoying that there is no setting to turn off these in-app notifications. They occasionally appear as modal pop-overs too. I note that the original question has not yet been answered by Spotify. 

An especially annoying aspect of this is that the pop-up takes a sec to load, so it often causes me to tap on something I didn't want to, which is mildly infuriating.


The best example of this is when I went to play a song from an album, but as I went to tap the first song in the album, the ad popped up, and I tapped the button the causes the album to be removed from my library. Luckily I noticed this and added the album back, but it made me wonder if I always notice when mistapping due to delayed-load-ads.


If you're gonna force ads on Premium users, then please don't lazy load the ad, it's annoying to have the page layout shift as you go to tap stuff on your phone. (Or better yet, allow Premium users to disable this type of advertising!)

I changed the city to a city in Russia (the point was to get a city with no concerts anywhere near it).


seems to work for now.


Really annoying feature. Live near Norwich so had my location set as that, and now Spotify seems to basically count most of the UK as being "near me".

So Spotify's position is "sucks to be you" and this cannot be turned off in-app? I'm fluid and will simply move to Apple Music, I don't care.

It’s very frustrating. My solution was to stop following the artists. Seems like an opposite result, but if that is what it takes…


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United States


Google Pixel 7 Pro

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Android 14


My Question or Issue

Why am I getting banner ads in various places with ads to buy tickets when I pay to not have ads? I have every single category of notification disabled in settings and I still get this nonsense taking up screen space. Is this somehow not an ad? Each time I see one of these, it pushes me closer to tidal.






Yes this is outrageous! I am paying to listen to music and Spotify dares to show me ads I apparently can’t opt out of.  The whole “your library” area is a private zone. Ads there are an absolute no go / must always be opt in! If this is not fixed soon I’ll switch to Apple Music.

Does not work for me. I get recommendations for artists I don’t follow. I have saved songs from them though

The whole point of paying premium is not getting adds.

Getting the same thing. Between the constant and unwelcome UI changes, getting concert ads despite paying for no ads, having audiobooks and podcasts I don't care about shoved down my throat, I am getting incredibly sick of Spotify's **bleep**.

The same here in Warsaw, Poland. I believe this is against GDPR because I have opted out any form of marketing. I think we should start to notify the authorities in each EU country, because it is becoming clear that Spotify is doing this illegally, on purpose and is fully aware that it is illegal.

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