Inconsistent placement of "like" button in album radio on iOS

Inconsistent placement of "like" button in album radio on iOS







iPhone XS Max

Operating System

iOS 15.5


If I'm listening to a song from my library and pull up the "now playing" view on my iPhone, the "like" button is placed above the track progress bar, to the right of the title.


But if I listen to an album to completion and the Album Radio begins, the "now playing" view is different and the like button is now in the bottom left. See attached screenshots. 


I find this UI inconsistency pretty frustrating, since I now like songs basically from muscle memory.


P.S.—as an aside—why is the album radio that plays after I finish an album different than the radio that I get when I navigate to the album, click "...", and click "Go To Radio?" One gives me "HAIM Radio", the other gives me "Women In Music Pt. III Radio"

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Hey @joek13,


Thanks for posting on the Community and welcome. 


The menu in that section changes in order to hide songs you don't like, and add songs in a very easy way at its opposite site. 


This section highlights the most important functions based on what you want to hide and like easily. 


We appreciate your feedback on this and we'll pass your comments to the right folks. 


Changing tunes, when you manually go to a "Radio", the results may differ if an album finishes and the Autoplay feature kicks in, due to it the content played may change (remember your can modify the Autoplay option in Settings). 


Remember the Community is here in case anything else comes up.

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