Incorrect Like Status on Player

Incorrect Like Status on Player






iPhone 12 Pro

Operating System

iOS 14.8


My Question or Issue

During playback, songs in the player will not display the likes status if I navigate away from and back to the player page. If I’m listening to the playlist and minimize the player, I’ll see the correct status next to the song in the playlist, but not always in the player. I’ve attached a screenshot showing this issue. 

App Version

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Hey there @eroc1990,


Thank you for posting on the Community and welcome. 


We tested this from our side and found no issues with the heart icon, so there are some things we can try here. 


First up, we suggest you follow the most basic troubleshooting step which is running a clean reinstall. This usually fixes the most common issues with the app. 


In case the issue persists, please let us know if this happens with specific songs or random ones. In case it's only with specific songs, send us the URI link of some of them, this will help us keep investigating. 


Keep us posted!

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