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Individual Track Time Disappearing


Individual Track Time Disappearing

I am desperate for help on this! I use spotify to teach spin and cycling classes, and need to have each song time displayed on the screen. It worked just fine for a while. All of a sudden now, the time disappears. It will show up on the screen for 3 seconds and then fade away. If I tap the screen I can get it to pop back up for 3 seconds until it dissapears. I need to be able to glance over and see the time at all times without taking ym hands off the bike to tap my screen over and over. PLEASE HELP


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Tap 4 times on the track time on the left as it's playing - worked for me! Just finished teaching spin on my iPhone, with Spotify with the timings on screen the whole way through

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I've also replied to your private message.


A new "now playing" screen is rolling out to the iPhone app so that is probably what you are seeing. The time fades out on the new screen.


I'll pass your feedback onto the iOS team.

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Please please bring the time back. I am in the exact same position and NEED the time to be showing at all times!!

I also need the track times for putting together routines, the loss of this could unfortunately be a deal breaker and see me cancel my subscription. Please fix!

I teach spin and the time is critical for me. Please please it back or I will have explore another alternative

So it took a little over a week, but Spotify ended up deleting my old
account and letting me sign up again. To be honest it was kind of a pain
because a new issue would pop up each day and it was taking at least 7
hours if not a full day to get a response each time. As of now, it seems to
be back to normal.

How did making a new account solve the problem? Who do I need to contact in order to do this?

I also need help with this. I experienced it during my spinnclass yesterday- it turned out to be such a bad class. I can't sit there and tap while instructing. I need this to work or else Spotify would be kind of worthless to me 😛 Help!?!

We need the track times to be displayed all the time during track play back. Super poor idea for this to be forced appond every user without the option to change the settings back.

>From what I understand, the time "fade" is part of a new home screen
roll-out. I believe they are testing it out so it's only happening on
random accounts? That was the first real answer I received anyway. So by
canceling my account and restarting a new one, it reverted everything back
to original home screen settings. The problem is, if they decide to roll
out the new homepage screen for everyone it could happen again so it should
be a manual setting for those of us who need the time displayed.

I totally feel your pain... the issue popped up for me 3 days before my
mock class so it was a real nightmare. The only way I was able to get mine
to work again was to have Spotify customer service delete and re-activate
my account. Took over a week and a whole lot of correspondence to get it
done though...

WE NEED TRACK TIMES. I have lots of playlist I don't want to lose how do I go back to the last version of spotifi.

Spotify customer service was able to save my playlists (I only had two at
the time) and transfer them after I created my new account.

I am a spin instructor and I rely on the individual song counter for my routines! That is why I use spotify. I know I can't be the only one.... Please help bring it back! I use my iPhone.

If I have to contact customer service to get my 50 something playlist back for my account to switch to a new one.... Is it worth it? Surely there is another way? How do I contact customer service? Or does anyone know of other options for spin instructors?

How did u contact them and how long did it take?

I need help too and I don't know what to do. I need the time back on in every track. I always depend on the time from tracks for my spin class and yesterday was a nightmare. I don't want to keep tapping my phone to see the time. It really frustrate me. I need the back please. Thank you!

There has to be another way if that can make vanish they can add it back or make it an option REALLY

If you have V3.0 of the app still saved somewhere, revert back to that (check iTunes f.e. or get the .ipa file from the internet).


I did that and now I'm back to the previous design. Much better and the last version that focused on music and not pointless video clips!

But can you change back to a previous version on an iPhone?? I thought that was only possible on your computer.

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