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Ipod 2nd generation

Ipod 2nd generation

I have been running Spotify very successfully on an Ipod Touch 2nd gen  on IOS 5.1.1 for a very long time. However, although the ipod is connected to my wifi, whenever I use Spotify, it says Spotify is connecting constantly and cannot search etc while it is offline, when the device plainly isn't offine.( I can access Youtube etc with no problem.

I therefore uninstalled Spotify and reset the device, then did a reinstall etc and although it has correctly reinstalled an older version for my Ipod, it will not load any of my playlists and persists in telling me it is offline and shows Spotify to be trying to connect to wifi, ( as I have previously said, the device is connected to wifi).


Can anybody help, as before I reset the device I could at least access Spotify and listen and download tracks that migrated from my phone.

Thanks in advance


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