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Ipod will not sync

Ipod will not sync

I just got a T4300HD MP3 MP4 player and no matter what I do, I can not get it to sync with Spotify.  I'm sure I'm ignorant to this...any advice, suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.  I have down loaded I Tunes but I'm sure there is something that I'm missing here I just do not know how to get Spotify to recognize my Ipod so it will sync. 😞 Help the computer illiterate please!!!!  You can write it in crayon if you want...I'm not good with this tech stuff. 😕

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Make sure your new iPod device is connected to the same network your desktop Spotify app is connected to. If you have your USB connector, that will work as well. Open Spotify on your device and keep it open. It should show up under the devices section of your desktop Spotify app and from there, you can sync. Just click on the two features already there whichever suits you: playlists to sync manually or sync everything automatically.

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Spotify/iTunes only supports iPods, your device isn't an iPod (unless I'm missing something)?

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