Issues Syncing Local Files Between Devices


Issues Syncing Local Files Between Devices





United States


iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Lenovo Laptop

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iOS 13.1 Beta, Android OneUI, Windows 10 Pro


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When attemping to download songs from Local Files on my computer on my phone or tablet, it's unable to be downloaded. I've tried online tutorials that involved downloading the playlist on both devices which I already have done and attempted again multiple times with no success. On my phone when I select learn more, I get a prompt which has steps to sync songs which doesn't work. I'll list them out since I don't want to transfer the image to my computer.
1. Connect this iPhone to the same WiFi as the computer.

2. Launch Spotify on the computer where this song is stored.

3. Mark the playlist containing this song for Offline Sync on your computer or on this iPhone.

4. Watch as your song magically appears on your iPhone.

This message didn't help me and when I tried it on my Samsung Tablet, I didn't get a prompt and the song refused to be selected unless it was currently playing music on the computer. I also tried then changing devices while it was playing the song I was trying to sync and it stopped playing music and once again there was no message. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thank you. 

I filed this under iOS because I can live with not having the song synced to my tablet. 

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Do the local files that you want to sync play on your computer? If yes, then:

1. On your computer add the local files that you want to sync onto your iPhone into a playlist

2. Make sure that your computer and iPhone are connected to the same wifi network (public wifi networks probably won't work)

3. On your iPhone open the playlist which includes the local files that you want to sync and flip the Download switch

Re: Issues Syncing Local Files Between Devices

This doesnt work at all he said that and that is the first thing everyone tries