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New Update is Terrible

New Update is Terrible

The new layout for iOS is terrible, t e r r i b l e. I’m thinking about just using soundcloud if they don’t change it because it looks so bad. Why why why would they downgrade it so bad. First of all, it looks terrible, second, I lost a ton of features, third, I can’t even see the songs that are on my playlist. The new update ruined the app, please for the love of god change it back.

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I don't mind the visual change so much as the loss of vital features. Major visual changes always take some getting used to, but there are vital features that don't seem to be possible anymore.

Can we expect the old features to be added back in sometime?
I can't even search for songs in my playlist anymore.
I would also appreciate being able to view album info (e.g. year), sort songs by date or artist, etc.

Some of my playlists are quote long and now it's impossible to remove a song I no longer like or accidentally added since I can't even find the song.

when i pair my phone with my pc i cant even shuffle anymore. **bleep**ing waste of time. i play pc games so it is easier to use tyhe phone version instead of going onto the desktop app, and its really bad.

The main issue is that the visual features now make finding the music you want to listen to harder as it has large obtrusive images of recommended playlist/songs everywhere. Even in your own playlist it is harder to see what songs are going to play as it has more recommendations. The new 'liked' songs feature is also a nuisance as it appears not to have liked all my previously saved songs so if I wish to play an artist the album/song may no longer be in my library, furthermore the songs that remain in my library are no longer even in alphabetical order which makes the least sense out of all their changes. Why fix something that worked?

Why can’t you search songs in your playlist? I just swipe to the top and the search bar is there

It’s so difficult to navigate through playlists! Which is a major loss since playlists are supposedly Spotify’s strength. I have several folders and now they’re all mashed together in the one tab. And the tab just for advertising Premium? Tacky at best. I’m definitely going to be using SoundCloud for my playlists from now on. At least I’ll have it in list form there.

Idk what you mean. Spotify has been the same for me since I first started using it. Hit playlists and they’re all there in one spot. Tap the playlist you want and listen

Yes, I am shocked that they changed the looks and layout so much, and all for the worse. I really hate the new version. After so many years of trying and failing designs I felt that Spotify IOS was finally a really well designed product. Now, it is all back to start.

WHY would they do this?


I WILL consider cancceling until they have fixed this mess.

This update is unbelievably the worst thing they've done. Its mind blowing that they went this way..  i mean maybe not.. they've been slowly going down hill. An ad after every song at this point. Sell outs. Idk what soundcloud is but ill be giving it a look. Fix**bleep** Spotify

Why do you want so much for free? Just upgrade to premium if you want premium features. It’s simple

yeah it sucks smh

Or I could just pirate my music or use a modded version of Spotify instead of having to deal with this trash app. The developers have stripped away so many features from the free version that I was just resorted to using a free spotify premium version. 


I have also downloaded tons of music from spotify without even using premium! Way simpler to just get music I want to hear, for free, and not have to put up with all this**bleep**! 


Thumbs up, very good!

This update is awful one of my biggest complaints is that whenever there are ads the go on for 3 minutes. Another problem I have with it is that I can’t add entire albums at once to a playlist anymore. Please fix this.

Go premium to get the features you want

Why aren't my albums alphabetized anymore? I can't even see the songs in my playlist without having to complete extra steps and this whole new format is just ugly. This whole update was just bad.

Not everyone can afford $10 a month.  I love Spotify but removing features to make the free version less usable won't promote people to upgrade.  They'll just uninstall it and move to a different app.

Switch to android my nigg4

its not that i cant be bothered to pay for premium, its that the update looks bad. Why would good app design be a premium feature

**bleep** u

I cannot put into words how upset I am! Spotify has never disappointed me, but boy I am NOT happy with this update. This update has completely rearranged everything, so many previous features have been lost, and the lay out is just flat out disgusting. I am debating on even switching services for music!!


Also, I have be paying for premium for the last 5-6 past months. And what a surprise! Right when my Spotify app updated, my service of premium cut out! What a GREAT update.


I was in love with how the original layout was, I had no problems what so ever when it came to the app’s functionality. I use this app every day, all the time. But that will probably not be the case if this update does not get fixed. This update is beyond horrible and I am HIGHLY disappointed with Spotify. I will be expecting a new update, or something of the sort, to fix this.. or, even better, go back to the original version of Spotify. I’m quite disappointed.

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