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I just updated Spotify to the newest version and now it doesn't play songs in my playlist or by album anymore, just random songs by the artist.

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Hey @new_user1,


Welcome to the Community, and thanks for your post! Let's try and figure things out with you.


To check, could you let us know:


  • Your exact device model
  • Your version of iOS

We'd also like to confirm that you're on version 8.4.3 of the app. Is this correct? This is the latest version, at the time of writing this.


If you could provide some more info about the issue, that'd be great.


  • Do you see the tracks greyed out?
  • Can you select the tracks, and then receive an error message?
  • Can you play music fine from certain menus (for example, in the Songs or Albums menu of Your Music instead of directly from a playlist or album)?
  • Is this happening on your own playlists, Spotify-curated playlists, or both?

Keep us posted with this info, and we'll continue to assist!

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