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Only one artist shown for every song in an album

Only one artist shown for every song in an album

Hiya, just wondering what the deal is with the way multiple artists are treated in albums compared to playlists. Why aren't any other artists other than the primary one shown in album view? If I listen to the songs from the album I never see the featured artist as they aren't shown either when I tap the three dots OR when the song is actually playing, so it seems very dismissive to not show them in the album view either, especially with modern music being so brilliantly collaborative. Furthermore, this makes it difficult to differentiate when a song has versions with different features, and coupled with the removal of touch preview, it's completely impossible to tell! I also feel like this is probably a bit legally dodgy if an artist is essentially going uncredited, surely? (Aside from that, what's the point in having the artist name underneath every song if you're going to erase everyone but the album artist?)Album viewAlbum view



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