Playback stops after one song


Playback stops after one song

‎2012-05-04 03:57 PM

I've been using the iPhone app for some time now, and has been working fine.  Up until the update before the iPad update.  Once I updated, I could only play a song in any playlist before it would break.  It would go to the next song that was queued up (shuffle or not), but nothing would be played.  The pause "button" was showing as if the app was playing the current song, but the progress bar was not moving at all.


I e-mailed support in regards to this, and gave me a workaround which involved:

  1. creating a 3 track playlist
  2.  making it available offline
  3.  testing that playlist (all songs played)
  4. turn off the offline availabilty
  5. test again (again all songs played)

So at that point everything was working again.  However before the new update came out (added iPad support) this issue came back.  And updating the app didn't resolve the problem either.


Even if the playlist workaround works again, I don't have much faith that it will stick. 



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Re: Playback stops after one song

Festival Fanatic
‎2012-05-04 04:48 PM

Same problem here! Not just after one song, but during playback I have regular Hick-ups. Music stops playing, sometimes just for a second, sometimes for minutes. Very annoying! 

Re: Playback stops after one song

Music Fan
‎2012-05-25 08:19 PM



if you are using your i-phone to stream to wireless, simply keep the i-phone plugged into a charging outlet or your cpu, and I find it won't shut off or stop playing (which seems to be linked to i-phone sleeping)

what a silly bug. hopefully they'll fix it so i can get my money's worth

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Re: Playback stops after one song

Music Fan
‎2012-12-19 11:33 PM

I am having the same problem on a regular basis, but right now my biggest frustration is that I can't seem to find any way to contact customer support to get any kind of help from Spotify.  Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but posting on a forum and talking to other Spotify users is not the same as talking to someone who actually works with Spotify.  And if I'm paying for the service, I expect to be able to access actual help when I need it.